Finally a phone built for church Leaders.

Church Phone removes all the barriers to connecting with your flock. Giving you an inbox for your church life with Planning Center as your phonebook.

Everything your leaders need from a phone.

We grew exhausted copying contacts out of Planning Center. We started to dream of a world where all these speed bumps got out of the way of engaging with our flock. A world where staying connected was easier than growing distant.

Organize your church life like never before. Break free from using your personal phone number for your church conversations. When you open iMessage, it's just your personal life with texts from your family and friends. All your church conversations are right at your finger tips in Church Phone along with all your church contacts.


Give each leader or department their own Church Number. The future is here. Quickly spin up new numbers for each leader on your team, from a new pastor, to a small group leader.

Planning Center Phone Book

Never copy phone numbers out of Planning Center again. Church Phone syncs with Planing Center. Giving you quick access to all your People, Lists, Groups, Teams, and Campuses.


Your personal number stays private. Hand out your new church number to strangers with confidence. Your personal number remians private and protected.

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SMS designed for connection, not
spam marketing

Church Phone is built for connecting with the one. Your people don't want another text blast inviting them to a special event. They need real connection that grows deep roots, opening the door for next level relationships.

Leader Dashboard

Everything you need to know at a glance. Access your new connection cards from Sunday, as well as quickly adding people you meet in the foyer.


My Sheep & Heartbeat

Know who you need to connect with. Church Phone helps you stay in touch with your sheep with helpful reminders to connect. See the Heartbeat for each sheep, giving you insights to their health.

My Teams

Lead your teams with confidence. Church Phone shows you a dashboard for each team you are leading. Quickly see the health of your team, and start connecting with new members.

My Groups

Grow your group through active communication. Church Phone gives you quick access to all your groups so you can connect.

“Church Phone is phenomenal. It's helped our team grow their influence. We've seen a dramatic decrease in the size of our backdoor.”

Izak Filmalter

Associate Pastor at My Liberty Church

Grow your Leaders
Grow your Flock
Grow your Reach

Assign your flock to each leader. Church Phone helps your leaders prioritize the sheep they are responsible for out of your flock. With daily notifications of who they need to connect with, and insightful metrics about their connection health.

Pastor Dashboard

Know who needs to be pastored. Quickly see a high level overview of your fringe. See who is serving and giving, but have no leader assigned to them, along with leaders that are struggling with their sheep, so that you can be proactive.

Leader Health

Know how your leaders are doing at Connecting. Church Phone helps you get an overview of each Leader. Quickly showing you the health of their connection, and highlighting those that need attention.

Leader Growth

Help leaders through tough conversations. Quickly jump into a tough conversation to help your leaders when things get dicey.


Protect your leaders with a managed phone number. We all know that church can get messy. Help protect your leaders with auditable conversations, and easily control access to numbers when you need to.

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