A new day

Today, we're kicking off a new chapter in our mission - equipping churches with the tools they need to disciple their flock. As we move forward, we've zeroed in on a common challenge: too many churches are stuck in the rut of a one-size-fits-all approach to discipleship. But we didn't settle for that status quo. Instead, we listened, researched, and sought the Lord for wisdom.

We've stumbled upon a revelation: what if we could harness the data that churches are already collecting to improve their discipleship efforts? Over the past three months, we've teamed up with a select group of churches and brought to life the initial platform - and let me tell you, the results are nothing short of amazing! We've engineered a machine-learning model that analyzes numerous data points for each and every member of your church. Our ultimate aim is to predict when someone might leave your church even before they entertain the thought, giving your team the time to guide them back to spiritual vibrancy.

Here's the game-changer: now, every church worldwide can gain profound insights into the well-being of their members. This drives discipleship and ensures more individuals stay firmly rooted in their faith. And here's some exciting news - we're rolling out a two-month trial to this new platform, Steeple Works.

Sunsetting Church Phone
This is the hard part–we are closing the doors of Church Phone. We set out to build a tool for pastors and leaders that made discipleship a breeze. Along the way, we actually ended up creating a great SMS marketing product, which was never our mission. There are many great tools in this space already. Church Phone will officially shut down on Nov 6th.

For those of you that need a great product in this space for your church, we recommend any of the following companies:

- Clear Stream
- Text in Church
- Tithe.ly
- EZ Texting
- PastorsLine
- Flocknote

Introducing, Steeple Works

Steeple Works is a one stop shop to care for your flock and understand your church health down to a specific individual. 

Measure health: Our machine learning algorithms analyze every sheep in your flock, identifying your backdoor and helping you close it for good.

Activate Discipleship: Tools to focus your team on helping people take their next step—healthy processes for maintaining momentum and making meaningful progress.

Close the Backdoor:
Create tasks for your team to connect with lost sheep. Take notes after a meeting to capture how someone is doing. Never forgot to connect with the ones in need.

Whats next
- Church Phone service will officially shut down on Nov 6th. This should give you time to move over to another platform for SMS and onboard onto Steeple Works for discipleship management.
- We will be refunding the last month of usage for all Church Phone customers. If you are on yearly billing, we will prorate to refund you your remaining balance for the year.

Lastly, as a token of our appreciation, we want to offer all current Church Phone customers an exclusive opportunity to enjoy Steeple Works for two months, absolutely free of charge. We truly believe that Steeple Works can and will enhance discipleship across your church, and our team would be honored to schedule a demo and walk you through all the features. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

Izak Filmalter