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“Church Phone is phenomenal. It's helped our team grow their influence. We've seen a dramatic decrease in the size of our backdoor.”

Izak FIlmalter

Associate Pastor at My Liberty Church

Frequently Asked Question

Can I port my number?

You can port existing numbers to Church Phone! Reach out to support to kick off the process.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Church Phone is made for non-profits. We have thought a lot about pricing our product so that it's both affordable for churches and sustainable as a business so you can depend on it year in, year out.

Which platforms does Church Phone support?

Church Phone is available on iOS, an Android version is coming soon. In the future we will also have a desktop experience.

When will you support other Church Management Suites?

We started off with Planning Center because it's what we use at My Liberty Church. We would love to support more in the future, but don't have any concrete plans to do so yet,

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